Press for Stand-Up Tragedy

“Over the last few weeks, moments sacred and profane have played out each night in the boxy, cinderblock sanctuary of Nativity Church on Second Avenue. The altar, candles and tabernacle have been put away, replaced by a bare-bones set where the youthful cast of “Stand-Up Tragedy” confront and comfort one another under the gaze of an unblinking Christ.”
In a Church’s Sanctuary, Theater With a Dose of Reality
By David Gonzalez, New York Times

“It’s a safe bet that the spare modernist sanctuary at Nativity Church on the Lower East Side hasn’t had break dancing on its floor in a while. Nor is it likely the coarser language in Bill Cain’s Stand-Up Tragedy is customary there, but those elements contribute to the intensity of Nicolas Minas’s energetic, biting revival.”
–Edward Karam, Off-Off Online

Stand-Up Tragedy Q&A with Artistic Director David Schultz

“This week, the play Stand-Up Tragedy opens in the East Village in Nativity Church, the actual church where the final scene takes place and where the playwright Bill Cain, who is also a Jesuit priest, once ministered. The concept of both play and production is interstitial—using the idea of stand-up comedy, but standing it on its head, telling a fact based story of a new teacher in a Lower East Side Catholic school where “You can tell the new residents of the neighborhood by how high they jump when a gun goes off.””
–Deborah Atherton, Interstitial Arts