Stand-Up Tragedy

In April 2013 Category 7, in association with St. Teresa’s/Nativity Parish and La Salle Academy, produced Bill Cain’s

Stand-Up Tragedy

Directed by Nicolas Minas,

at Nativity Church on Second Avenue in New York.

About Stand-Up Tragedy: In 2011 Nicolas Minas and David G. Schultz, in an effort to stage this play close to its roots, sought out a downtown community with whom to partner—in order to offer professional apprenticeships to young people, in exchange for space in which to produce. That search led them to La Salle Academy and Nativity Church, where, coincidentally, the playwright, Bill Cain worked during the writing of the piece. The church was temporarily converted and outfitted with lighting equipment for the purposes of the production.

An Actor’s Equity approved showcase production. Lighting design by Austin Smith, technology and sound design by Mark Kleback, original music by Cru the Dynamic, scenic design by Elyse Handelman, choreography by Ephrat “Bounce” Asherie, and costume design by Sylvia Grieser. Assistant directed by hip-hop-theater mastermind Nick Demeris, with stage management by Alaina Sciascia. Illustrations and poster art by Rick Veitch and layout by Kristen Domenico. Photography by Carly Sioux.

Featuring Carlos Ibarra* as Lee, Tom Littman as Griffin, John Mazurek* as Fr. Larkin, Charles Baran as Kendall, Goran Ivanovski as Mitchell, and Sean Carvajal as Henry.

Featuring the work of apprentices from production partners La Salle Academy and Nativity Church: Jonathan Santiago as Marco, Tyler Rodriguez as Freddy, Virgilio Ruiz as Carlos, and Avery Miller in the ensemble; Michael Muyalde, press apprentice, Wilfredo Cueto, sound apprentice, and Manny Skerret, illustrations apprentice.

*Denotes Actors Equity Member at time of the production.

To see press clips about the show, please click here.