Artistic Director Bio

David G. Schultz (Artistic Director): Before and after graduation from the University of Chicago in 2001, David worked as a professional actor, appearing Steppenwolf’s Haymarket 8, the Viaduct’s production of e.e. cummings’ Him (in the title role), and over 20 other productions in the Chicago area. In 2006, moved by a lack of cogent critical writing about the Chicago theater scene, he began a blog, performing a critical survey of a year in Chicago theater. He subsequently moved to New York to attend Columbia University’s MFA Dramaturgy program, from which he graduated in 2010. In his time as a dramaturg in New York he has produced, directed, and dramaturged over 15 productions and/or texts. His most recent two projects have been The Art of Being Human, a dance-theater piece created by Turkish director Onur Karaoglu, and One Arm, an adaptation of Tennessee Williams’ short story and screenplay of the same name, produced by Tectonic Theatre Project (directed by Moises Kaufman). David’s work on One Arm spanned nearly 18 months, consisting of voluminous research in Williams’ archives. David recently completed a theater education project in Varanasi, India with International Theatre Literacy Project, in January 2012.